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Hardware Emulators :

  • JTAG Emulators for TI OMAP, DaVinci, ARM, Cortex, Xscale, TI DSP, Infineon XC166, Tricore
  • In-Circuit Emulators for 80186, 80196, TMS320C25 DSP, TMS320C1x DSP, Z8 Zilog Z8 MCU
  • Emulators for Analog Devices, ARC, ARM, ATI, ATMEL, Freescale, Genesis, Infineon, Microchip PIC32, MIPS, NEC EMMA, NXP, OKI, Redpine Signals, RMI Alchemy, ST Microelectronics , Texas Instruments
  • Smart Card Emulators, analyzers & verification tools.
  • Evaluation Boards for LPC2138, TMS320F240, ARM7 Reva
  • Single Board Computer based on Freescale PowerPC, AMCC PowerPC and Xscale
  • Development & Debug Tools for entire range of PowerPC Series

Software and RTOS :

  • Compiler Support from ARC, ARM, GreenHills, GNU GCC, IAR Systems, Keil, Microchip, Metroworks, Tasking, WindRiver
  • Multiple-core debugging environment for ARM, Tricore, 80186, Z8 and CompactRISC microprocessors
  • Custom Embedded Linux for Your Processor. Supported processors and SOMs (System on Modules): AMCC PowerPC, ARM, Atmel ARM, Freescale ARM, Freescale PowerPC, Intel x86, Intel XScale ARM, Logic Platforms Freescale Zoom™, Texas Instruments Zoom™ OMAP35x, Mercury Computer VPA-200, MIPS Processor Cores, Tensilica Diamond Stander Processor Core, Texas Instruments ARM based Processors, Xilinx FPGA with PowerPC based Core
  • PEG GUI (Graphical User Interfaces) Development Tools
  • Embedded Software Packages

Home Gateway Middleware/Connectivity Software :

  • Embedded USB Stacks
  • Driver Development
  • USB CDC/Modem/DFU/Serial Drivers
  • Automotive Multimedia Middleware
  • Embedded Bluetooth Stack
  • USB Testing Tools
  • Broadband Gateway Middleware
  • USB & PCI Software Solutions